CLUE HUNT – Become a Detective

It’s your turn to don a detective’s hat. As you along with your group of 2 to 6 persons enter a room and locked inside you have to hunt for resources, clues and rely on teamwork to get yourself out. You have 60 minutes to do it.

Clue Hunt is a 'Room Escape' game, a clue finder, a mini-theatre and a live action flick at the same time, where you yourself control the course of events. At first sight, it is just another room, but in fact, it is a crime scene full of clues. The goal is simple yet challenging: get out in 60 minutes! Rely on your brains and intuition. Have confidence in yourself and your friends. Discover the secret that awaits you. Do not forget: the mind is the most powerful weapon.

Minimum 2 – maximum 6 people can play at a time in a single game room. We have tested both ends of these limits – in case of duos the game might become too complicated to enjoy and above 6 the place becomes too crowded, so please stick to the advised team sizes. We highly recommend coming in a group of 4, 5 or 6 people for maximum fun. 

The minimum age of participants is 13 years under supervision of an adult and 16 years with no guidance. The main reason for this limit is the complexity of the game. Clue Hunt is a fun game for people of all ages. 

It’s a great team building, social or family event! It is NOT a virtual or online game but is something very real and completely offline. 

Bandra, Mumbai.

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