Bungee jumping and flying fox are for brave hearts only

Bungee jumping sport isn’t for weak hearts. If you aren’t afraid of heights, and love to dive from a flying aero plane then this is one sport you must try out. Yes, you guessed right, we are talking about Bungee jumping. A few steps away from Mohan Cho tee, you can easily find coterie of adventurers with helmets and googles, these adventure sports mavericks congregate to face their fear. With rubber cord on their ankles, when they take a leap of faith, they also announce to the world if you have faith in yourself then no height is intimidating.   

Besides Bungee Jumping there is one more adventure sport which is equally enthralling. Amid tall trees and majestic mountains fly like a free hawk.  Yes, buy a ticket for Flying Fox and see how you reaches one river bank to another without braving tough terrain.

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