Go Healthy with Dillistan Marathon

Running in India has been developing significantly in recent times and Delhi is one of the prominent cities driving this change. Our Delhi has produced biggest sprinters group over various age groups that have been winning at the significant marathon occasions in the country. Delhi-NCR has been alluded to as the Fit-Run capital of India. Dillistan is ready for the first release of its yearly marathon, which will take sprinters through main routes of the city. We trust this occasion will go far in advancing running in the city and support a fit and solid way of life.

 1st Dillistan Marathon 2017 is India's Premium Marathon occasion, a large number of sprinters from all kinds of different backgrounds will take part in this event. Dillistan Marathon is a platform to spread social message and to raise support for the same. It is the most foreseen running celebration of city of Delhi.

Dillistan is more than a Marathon. It is the seed of progress. It is the start of a development conveyed forward by a developing group of Running Enthusiasts across Delhi-NCR, who share a conviction that a solid family, a sound country and a solid world starts with solid subject i.e. You.

The initial phase in Fitness is taking control of your own wellbeing, regarding yourself and understanding and praising the esteem you convey to your family and society. Wellness isn't an endowment of society; it is a blessing you give yourself.

 So, give yourself a healthy and positive dose of good health and lifestyle by taking part in Dillistan on 26th Novemeber 2017, 6:30 am at Dwarka Sector – 13, Metro Station.

The categories include:

Reg Fee: Rs. 399/- (1-5 Hope Run)

Time – 7:30 am

Reg Fee: Rs. 449/- (10.5 Quarter Marathon)

Time – 7:00 am

Reg Fee: Rs. 449/- (21K Half Marathon)

Time – 6:30 am

Irrespective of the gender, age limit for all categories is 6+ years. Reporting time for all categories is 4:30 am – 6:00 am.