What better ambience than a college fest to explore your interests, take on new challenges, go just a tad bit crazy going down memory lane and have the time of your lives? BREEZE’18, the annual fest of Shiv Nadar University, Greater Noida, has a lot in stock for you this year, where you get to experience A Trip to the 90s​! Hailed as one of the best universities in India, SNU has unparalleled facilities available on campus: expansive greens coupled with cutting edge architecture. In addition, the team at BREEZE’18 is determined to make the campus light up with liveliness, with exciting events going on in every nook and cranny, all around the clock! Here, we bring to you a list of 10 things to do at BREEZE’18, an attempt to help you channelize your energies just right to make the most of this electrifying fest:

1.​ Soak up the entertainment!

With melodies flowing into your ears from one side, to the sight of dancers and sportsmen showcasing their talents on the other, Breeze’18 is bound to have you on your toes! The entertainment will be varied and pervasive- dance, music, drama, sports, techno-events, debating and a lot more- the list is endless. We recommend you immerse yourself in all kinds of entertainment, as Breeze’18 offers it all!



2.​ Break a leg!

Have you always had an edge for dancing? Or maybe just dance to lose yourself and have some fun? Our fest brings ample opportunity to dance your hearts out and channelize your inner Jackson. Shake, groove, shimmy to the best beats of the 90s and sway away the hard-hitting nostalgia!



3.​ Lose your voice singing your favorite songs!

Dancing is not the end of it all. If you believe in the power of music and are passionate about singing, we have just the right platform. You could be a vocalist or a bathroom singer, the point is to experience the joy of singing at the top of your lungs with no worry, no cares.




4.​ Unleash the gluttony!

If you are a self-acclaimed foodie, Breeze’18 will be no less than food-heaven for you! We will bring to you a fantastic array of snacks, beverages and foods to satisfy your dining needs and enjoy all our indulgences in full essence!


5.​ Test your versatility!

Breeze is not only about entertainment, but also brings with it a sense of healthy competition. With technological events, war of words, sports leagues and cultural competitions, there is an abundance of opportunity to test your talents in diversified fields. Who knows, maybe you will end up unlocking a hidden gift!


6.​ Find your tribe!

What adds life to all the excitement packed within Breeze’18 is the bunch of people from different colleges, different fields. Meet new people, befriend like minds and vibe with your tribe, while you are at your fun-filled best at our college fest. It would give us immense happiness to know we could provide the setting for a striking conversation, a romantic venture or a lasting friendship!



7.​ Showcase your style!

Breeze’18 will be all about being yourself in every aspect. With a thematic appeal and in the cool of February, you can showcase your style or maybe stumble upon a new you? Dig up your wardrobes, borrow from your mums vintage collections and raid your best friend’s cupboard and dress to impress- not only others, but also yourself!



8​. Take a trip down memory lane

You won’t be able to stop the nostalgic rush with all the events that we have in store. Get ready to relive your childhood memories and blissfully lose yourself in the past. Take a break from being mature and let yourself dance and frolic to your heart’s content.


9. Break free

Step out of your comfort zone, burst that little bubble that you live in, and break the chains of uncertainty. Don’t be afraid to explore and absorb everything Breeze has to offer. The welcoming atmosphere will dissolve any doubts you might have. With the people, the food, and the pro-nights, you won’t have a chance to get bored!


10.​ Kiss your sleep goodbye

This year, the fun won’t stop when the sun goes down. Rest your eyes later and ditch your bed, because Breeze is going to be chugging ahead non-stop and you’ll need every moment to stay on track.

There’s all of this, and a lot more on offer between 9th-11th February at Breeze‘18, Shiv Nadar University. To know more or to register, visit http://snu-breeze.com/