Celebrate The Essence of Holi with Delicious and Tempting Gujiya!!


Holi is a festival of colours that is celebrated across the country with great zeal and joy. Holi is on 2nd March this year and Holika Dahan on March 1st. Many people love to savour a variety of dishes made on Holi like Gujiya, Kachouri, Papad, Pakode, Dahi Bhalle and so on.

 Similarly, every household leading ladies make delicious dishes for guests and loved ones if you want to show your cooking skills and get appreciation. Therefore this is a brilliant occasion. Every sweet shop is full of different varieties of Gujiyas. With these simple methods, you can make tasty Gujiya of Mawa at home. So follow this recipe:

 Materials Required for Filling Gujiya

  • Mawa- 400 g
  • Semolina - 100g
  • Pure ghee - 3 tablespoons
  • Powdered sugar- 400 g
  • Cashew nut- 100 g
  • Small cardamom - 7 to 8
  • Dry coconut - 100 g

Prepare the Gujiya filler

To prepare the filling of Gujiya, add mawa in the kadhai and roast it until the colour becomes light brown. After that, add ghee and semolina in the frying pan and fry until light brown and take them apart on a plate. Grind sugar and cut dry fruits and prepare them. After this, mix mawa, semolina, sugar and nuts well and it has been done.

Ingredients for Gujiya flour

  • Flour - 500 g (4 cups)
  • 2.125 g (2/3 cups)
  • Refined Oil for frying of Gujiya

To prepare Gujiya first, prepare Gujiya flour for the dough, add melted ghee, milk or curd to a fine flour, and knead the dough with the help of water. After that cover the dough with some wet cloth and leave it for half an hour. After the time is over, mash the flour until it becomes soft. After making the dough soft, make small dough from the dough and keep them covered with wet cloth. After which the loops are full and fill in it.

Later give those shallow fry. Now Gujiyas are ready to serve.

Play safe Holi with natural colours