Week of Fun

There is so much to life than just swiping through your Smartphone. Go out, meet people, indulge in activities and have fun.

Presenting a list of activities that will fill your week with lots of fun.

Movies: Even if it is not the latest flick the time spent in a theatre with your friends and family is a fun thing to do. So go out, watch a film, munch popcorns and have a gala time.

Theatre: Want to experience joy of a different kind? Go out and watch a play. Lots of lots of it are being held every evening especially in Delhi on themes and subjects of almost every type.

Musical Nights: From ghazals to pop and from filmy to rock, music is a big stress buster. Depending on your inclination you can choose from a variety of shows especially on weekends.

Fashion Shows: Watch how models set ramp on fire. Get to see up-close the haute couture, the latest in fashion and the emerging trends.

Art Galleries: Lose yourself in the painted world. See from the viewpoint of an artist how he sees things around and his spirit respond. If you like you can also bring a painting home.

Craft Exhibitions: Why just India but craft-persons from all over the hold the exhibitions of their work from time to time. Find one being held near you, go out and relish their talent while buying a few for yourself and your loved ones.

Whatever be the one that excites you, portals likes bookmyevent.com make your search easy, and if it is a ticketed event book your place online to cut the last minute rush and to enjoy your evening.