Kerala, an inexplicable holiday destination

There are vacation retreats known for big palaces, serene lakes, mesmerizing sand dunes, aesthetic flower valleys and so on…

If you are interested in above mentioned places, you can always visit Jaipur, Darjeeling Dalhousie or any other tourist destinations. But, if you are really searching some destination   where you are not perturbed by incessant traffic; honking horns, the chatter of hawkers and tourists, then nothing is better than Kerala. The most sumptuous destination, where you get ample time to meditate, introspect, and adore calm & clear sea.

Once you reach here, the magic begins.   A tin box like bus on the sandy path, vast paddy fields on both sides of its windows and the view of sky touching palm trees invoke a dormant poet in you.   

To relish real Kerala, don’t choose five star hotels; rather stay in cottage houses near sea beaches. These cottage houses are bit expensive but they provide best of the facilities expected by tourists. Not to mention, seeing palm leaves dancing to the tune of morning breeze will make your breakfast tasteful.   And if you love photography there are prolific opportunities to enrich your picture bank.

Many scenic views like tattered boats on  the sea beach; local  women selling fishing nets;   a coconut water seller climbing palm tree, fishermen counting there catch;  a crimson sun taking dip in the sea and the flight of sea gulls will be an altogether different experience.    

You cannot go back in time, so capture or record the moments in your camera. Kerala’s cuisines are as much sumptuous as this place itself. So, do not forget to taste jumbo Keralite  Dosa, Spicey sambhar, Tangy fish pickle and off course dishes prepared from the crushed coconut.

One can write piles of books on this destination, to experience real Kerala; you just cannot bank upon a vicarious journey. So prepare itinerary, purchase tourist haversack, a binocular a camera and say adieus to home town for a few days.