Escapology: A Thrilling Ghostly Game

First the chilling scenario

3 years ago on Friday 13th, the patient, a young girl of just 17 had mysteriously disappeared from Ward Number 13. Staff at the hospital talk of the patient being admitted in an unconscious state. She has apparently fallen from a third floor window at a hotel in Juhu. 

The girl was Diva Kumar, the only direct descendant of Mukesh Kumar, the Billionaire Industrialist who himself had died just a year before in a mysterious Helicopter crash, minutes after leaving Mumbai Airport. Her disappearance remains shrouded in mystery despite an extensive police enquiry, which officially still has not been closed. 

A haunted room

Staff claim the room to be haunted, that Diva died a horrible death at the hands of her family thus allowing them to claim the inheritance which was rightfully hers and which she would have taken possession of on her 18th birthday just two days after her disappearance.

In the police investigation Staff reported hearing screams from the room but the door being locked from the inside, they were unable to get into the room and when they finally broke down the door finding the room deserted, the bed neatly made with a Doll lying on the bed, tears were running down the doll’s cheeks!

A ghostly scenario

Following the disappearance, patients staying in that ward reported ice-cold wind blowing through the room and feeling the touch of a hand on their skin, patients fled the room and refused to sleep there.

Now a question to you

Get inside and try to escape. We assure you that the thrill will always be by your side and you will over every moment. 

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